CLSU BSIT students who took the Computer Hardware Servicing NCII Tesda Certifications in 2012 and 2013 had 100 % passing.

In the most recent survey conducted for the CLSU-BSIT graduates, 64.83% of the total graduates from year 2009-2013 responded. The survey showed the following:

  • 95% were employed after graduation, by which 77% of them were employed immediately 0-3 months after graduation;
  • 40% were first hired in the category of Developers, Programmers, Systems-analysts, Systems-engineers, Web-developers, Software-engineers, SEO-specialists, and the like;
  • 38% were first hired in the category of Technical-support, IT-specialists, Data-entry personnel, Website-operator, MIS-technical staff, Network-support, Data-analyst, Tehnical-specialist, Assistant net-ad/sys-ad, IT-helpdesk, network-analyst, System-support, Repair-engineer, Network-engineer, IT-officer, and the like;
  • 6% were first hired as IT teachers, instructors, and trainors;
  • 3% were first hired in either IT-research, multimedia, graphics, and the like;
  • 1% were first hired as in the levels of Systems-administrator, Network-administrator, and Database-administrator.