A portion of the Google Map indicating the existing CLSU Intranet.


University wide High-Speed Information Network is a component of the 5-year project plan which is the eCLSU. It includes the development, deployment, and acquisition of communication infrastructure.

This component installs and deploys communication equipment and systems that interconnect the colleges and units within the main campus and the satellite research and laboratory schools and facilities. This infrastructure must be able to support handling large and simultaneous transfer of data between different users across the campus to achieve convenience and efficiency in university operations.

Installation and deployment of the communication infrastructure for CLSU’s high speed intranet

A high-speed intranet that interconnects the different academic, research, and administrative buildings is necessary for information sharing. This infrastructure will enable the CLSU virtual campus where University constituents and partner individuals, no matter where they are, whether in their colleges, research centers or anywhere in the world, can access to, attend to, or join their academic, administrative and/or research work.

This component will install and deploy fiber optic cables and networking equipment for interconnecting the different buildings in the university campus.