In 1994, conceptualization of Information System Institute occurred. After 3 years of planning and conceptualizing in 1997, ISI was approved by the Board of Regents to operate as a unit of the university. When the institution was created, it stated as a purpose of initiating a ubiversity-wide computerization program. In order to rationalize its integration into the university's system, it was mandated to draw the plan, recommended and execute a university-wide computerization proogram for CLSU. 

Information System Institute (ISI)

Headed by an Institute Director, the Information System Institute promotes the effective use of information and communication technology in instruction, research, extension and production functions of the University. It offers curricula and training programs for information and communication technology (ICT), both degree and non-degree courses. ISI serves as the central unit that shall plan, operate and manage all matters related to ICT.   

Mission of the Institute

  • Facilitate the University wide information resource strategic planning.
  • Manage the information systems in the university;
  • Apply Information Technology in the academic, research and extension program of the university;
  • Promot the and adhere to the vision of the National Information Technology Plan 2000 (NITP2000).